Label Releases 2022

Following on from a great debut year for Whanga Records, we go into 2022 with some great releases coming your way. Follow us on all the usual socials to let us know exactly what you think, or if you want to get involved or arrange a chat to discuss how we can work together, our details are on our Contact page.

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Re-mastered and re-released for Callum's anniversary. This was a song first recorded in 2013 by the original line up of the 1/4 Chubz.

Callum - songwriter, rhythm guitar and lead vox
Andrew - lead guitar
John - bass guitar and backing vox
Barrett - drums

This is a song that instantly worked. One final rehearsal before our first ever gig at The Clubhouse in Dalgety Bay, supporting The Wingnuts, Callum came to rehearsal with this fully formed blast of indie punk perfection. It was a time when we were taking on the world together. It's a song that encapsulates the time and a song that was never given a release on streaming services like it deserves.

Callum was an incredible musician and frontman and on the 10th June 2022 this track will get the release it deserves.


1/4 Chubz - Salvation
Released 29/4/22

''Chilling passion oozes from the new 1/4 Chubz single, opening with a guitar refrain to grace a Tarantino movie, a cauldron of angst, guitars, Celtic gritty vocals that build up to a wonderous chorus - Salvation, Denied, Temptation, Inside''. (A1M RECORDS)

A story of sorrow, sin, sinister solutions, Sambuca and ultimately salvation!… yourself!
Salvation is a song written by John when he was feeling at his lowest point in life.

It is a cry for help, and a realisation that seeking out someone to help you is human, but in the end you have to save yourself. It's easy to spiral towards the wrong things in life when you're feeling down but ultimately it's in you to take control and save yourself. Only you can do it! People can help you along the way but in the end you have to want it aswell.

This is the third single from the 1/4 Chubz return and all are unique in their style.
Until Me Meet Again announced the comeback - a ballad about the loss of our brother Callum.
Cut Me Down showed our angry anarchistic side.
Salvation mixes these two together and gives you jungle drums from hell with bluesy rock n roll from the soul and heartfelt lyrics.


TwinsTown - Spitfire
Released 25/3/22

TwinsTown are back to invade our airwaves with their latest single Spitfire!
Air raid sirens flooding in signals the start of this explosive new track before an upbeat melody kicks in and a trademark lead guitar line.
However, this song is different from their previous singles. TwinsTown got angry! And it's brilliant!
This is a song with attitude. It's angry, it's beautiful, it's madness.
Quoting Winston Churchill's famous speech from World War 2, TwinsTown are kicking back at the world and mean business. You're either with them or you're in their way!


Birrell or Biscuit are back with another unique single. A softer sound this time, Birrell's singing is more composed and confessional to fit the sound of the song. 'Dinnerladies' portrays a feeling of admiration for unsung working class heroes. This is most on display in the chorus, which rings out an evocative 'Cause dinner ladies need happiness too.' This drives home the theme of observing an under celebrated member of the community going about their daily life and recognising that whilst they may not be the celebrated stars we see on TV, they're valued, essential and as the single suggests - they deserve happiness too. Despite the softer side to this song, the track starts with Birrell screaming 'All you are is an out of tune fucking idiot!' This introspective self anger is why the theme of the song is so important as people commonly turn anger and frustrations inward. The lyrics ring out at the end 'it's just another bump that's hanging more sadness for you' as the lead guitar starts back in to a wonderful riff heard at the very start, bring the song to a beautiful end.