Whanga Events 2022

Guerilla gigs from the best up and coming and underground artists.

Whanga Records and Creation Dream Machine Present...

Hometown heroes Birrell or Biscuit play their headline debut at PJ Molloys! This is as raw, open and brutally honest as music gets. Everything is laid out there. A band fronted by Craig Birrell... the sky is the limit for them. Get down so you can say you were there from the start!


And just to make the night better they have a stellar support travelling up to Dunfermline:

The Head-Up Displays are a 4 piece rock group from Wolverhampton England, now based in Peckham, London. Influenced significantly by a vast array of cultural and iconic rock and roll figureheads, to list a few (of the many) these bands include: The Velvet Underground, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Spacemen 3, The Fat White Family, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Brian Jonestown Massacre & Primal Scream. The Head-Up Displays as a project are driven by a lust and want to party, to have a good time, to make you dance, to kill the fascists, to spread peace & love to those deemed deserving, and not to go down in a blaze of rock and roll glory, but rather to ignite this blaze, and relish in these burning flames until the end of our time here. Indoctrinate yourselves into the cult, fit yourself with a new Head-Up Display. It's 2021- the future is here. Our only option is total surrender to karma, true love, pure pleasure, and our existences. Join us brothers and sisters-these are the glory days.

Thee Lucifer Sams are based in Liverpool. Creating psychedelic sounds and founders of the Liverpool Psychedelic Society.

The Television Personalities are an English post-punk band formed in 1977 by London singer-songwriter Dan Treacy. Their varied, volatile and long career encompasses post punk, neo-psychedelia and indie pop; Hear their music performed by ex member of the band Texas Bob Suarez and bunch of his friends.




Well get your tickets here:


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The Battery Farm, 1/4 Chubz, Aye Hobos, TwinsTown @ McQ's

The Battery Farm - a Gutter Punk four-piece from Manchester, playing visceral, punishing rock music infused with pain and passion. A guttural cry against a violent world, whose songs are borne of that violence. Part nihilism, part hope. Part rage, part joy. Trying to make sense of ourselves in a time that does not make sense at all. Life's a battery farm. It's a sick, sick world.

We are delighted to welcome them to Dunfermline as part of their 2022 UK tour to play cracking new venue McQ's (above Coady's bar, Dunfermline). 

We also have a selection of the finest local Whanga talent on the night with:

1/4 Chubz - Newly reformed in Cullum's memory and fresh of the back of their comeback gig at PJ's in December. Raw, energetic blues infused grunge.

Aye Hobos - Classic country classics in a punked up style!

TwinsTown - Pure rock 'n' roll madness at it's brilliant best.

Tickets - bit.ly/35q25kb or scan qr code on poster.

The Half-Time Project,
Call It Rooted, The Rhemedies in The Whanga Hut