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Welcome to the world of Whanga podcasts. Every couple of months our turbulent host, and Whanga co-founder, Stuart Barrett, brings you the latest in new music, Whanga artists and general mayhem from the music scene we all love...

The podcast returns to round up the 15 best new tracks of 2022!! Who is your number 1!?


We introduce you to your new favourite track! Covering new releases from Nov 1st 2021 to Feb 1st 2022. Section 1 - New music - including Fontaines DC and Hello Cosmos. Section 2 - Time Capsule - including Frank Zappa and The Specials.

hello cosmos.jpg

New music from Cemento, Birrell or Biscuit and Placebo. Some Scottish Traditional music from Manran, some West Indies traditional music from Erick Cosaque. Plus much more great music from the likes of Singapore Sling and The Black Angels.


The podcast returns to round up the 10 best new tracks of 2023!! Who is your number 1 Silly Billies!?

albumof year2R.jfif

2021 is almost complete and in our final podcast of the year we present you our top 10 albums of the year. Whanga Records also released 10 singles this year and we round them all up here. Thank-you very much to all those who have listened in 2021 and hope everyone has a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2022.

honey a0978855318_10.jpg

In this episode we have Mariam, Wayne and Condie standing in for the poorly Jocky Simbo to give us their insights into the glorious music we have on offer. In section one we have new releases from Amyl and the Sniffers to Black Honey. Section two we have Whanga releases from Birrell and Biscuit to TwinsTown. In Section 3 we have releases from the past that you may have missed from LA Witch to Man of Moon. And Mariam selects her new favourite track from our eclectic playlist.

Finally, in our penultimate episode of Season One, we think we have perfected the art of podcast! Recorded live from a busy Whanga, we have new music from Idles and Wine Lips and  local music from TwinsTown and Paris Street Rebels. Then we have ‘The Time Machine’ where we have The Rifles and The Rats. Plus a whole lot more in-between. Backing music throughout from Burnt Wire and the insider chirpings of Jocky Simbo, Mimchenzo and Birrell or Biscuit.


We are back on Episode 6 to introduce you to your new favourite track. Section 1 we have seven new tracks, including tracks from Kanadia and The Black Chevys. Section 2 we have some music from Whanga and the local scene inc TwinsTown and Frantic Chant. Section 3 we have some hidden gems from the past including 4 from John’s trip down the psychedelic wormhole and an angry rockabilly blues number from Angry Johnny and the Killbillies.

TwinsTown Dive In - Album Cover.jpg

Where do we start with this? We have the full TwinsTown experience. Chat, live music, drink, laughter and fall outs. Pure madness. Also a beautiful live track from Condie to kick things off and a wee cameo from Aaron Wright. We had to cut some of the show as it descended into chaos. All good fun though. We finish with the supreme talent of Callum Paterson. What a night!

We kickoff with a legendary track from Crass. Section 1 we dive in to the new music releases we have enjoyed recently, from the psychedelic Acid Dad to our very own output from Birrell or Biscuit and 1/4 Chubz. Section 2 will cover music that I (Stuart) have been listening to recently, including, an immense Steve Aoki remix of our opening track and Scottish legends Amazing Snakeheads. Section 3 will be John’s recent listening, including, a brutally honest banger from Vinnie Paz and a stunning instrumental piece from Paul Kelly. We end the show with some beautiful poetry.

acid dad186566651_208046691148463_5601691254101777052_n.jpg

Episode 3 - Birrell or Biscuit Interview & Live Lounge 2021

To celebrate the release of UFO Space Disco through Whanga Records, we have Whanga Records co-founder, Craig Birrell, aka Birrell or Biscuit, in to chat about the song and the crazy road that got him to where he is now. From leaving home at 16, squatting in London, a shit load of name dropping and a sprinkling of mental illness, right up to the present day and the beginnings of Whanga Records.

In our second podcast we welcome Jocky Simpson to the show, Whanga Records' very own talent scout! Jocky will now be a regular contributor to the podcast, helping you to find your new favourite track. This episode kicks off with a classic track from Fugazzi. In part 1 we’ll guide you through some of the best new music being released just now, from Arab Strap to Geography of the Moon. Part two is all about highlighting re-issues or tracks that you may have missed at the time of release, from Tamanfaya to Joe Strummer. We end with a curve ball and a classic tune from a great movie of our childhoods.

The Black Heart Death Cult.jpg
Episode 1 - Underground Youth.PNG

Whanga Records first podcast and where else to start than the origins of rock n roll with a classic track from Chuck Berry. In section 1 we have some of the best new music we have listened to over the last couple months, from Underground Youth to Shame. Section 2 we will introduce you to some artists to watch out for in 2021, from Birrell or Biscuit to Greentea Peng. Section 3 we delve through the archives to uncover some hidden gems that you may or may not have heard, from Frantic Chant to Frightened Rabbit.

For music lovers .We will introduce you to your new favourite track. Whether it’s brand new music or hidden gems from the past. We will also play the odd classic! All genres are covered with a particular focus on alternative music. Whanga Records is a new music label from Dunfermline, Scotland. Look out for feature interview episodes in the future.

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