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Helping Musical Talent Shine


Our Story

Whanga Records opened it's doors in the centre of Dunfermline in April 2021, named in memory of Callum Jake Paterson Whanga, who was sadly taken from us n 13th June 2019.

We operated a recording studio, rehearsal space, and worked with bands releasing their music and helped them with PR. We also put on some superb guerilla gigs from our studio.
We did this as a team while still working in our 'real' jobs.

There was many highs during this year including recording and releasing great music by TwinsTown, Frantic Chant, Birrell or Biscuit and 1/4 Chubz.
One particular highlight was recording and releasing TwinsTown - Callum Paterson's Broken Song as it included Callum singing on it.

After a year of this model we realised that we needed to streamline our business model to put the emphasise back on the enjoyment of music and less about making enough money to cover our high rent, so we sat down and came up with a plan for the future.

We could see that there were other businesses offering recording studio space and rehearsal space aswell as other businesses offering gig venues. We came to the conclusion that it was best to work with these other businesses and share our resources.

So going froward from April 2022 we are operating primarily as a record label for releasing music and we will use our friends and partners for rehearsal space, recording space and events.


Our Future

Our business going froward from April 2022 will be as follows:

Mixing and Mastering - the stems for which will be recorded using a combination of local studios and our home recording studio.


Releasing music and PR - we will release your music under our label and use our industry knowledge to get it heard by as many people as possible via written music press, radio and playlistings.

Events and gigs - working with local and nationwide partners, we aim to bring great talent from far and wide to Dunfermline and also take local talent further afield in exchange.


Open Mic Night - we host an open mic night every second Thursday at Somewhere Else Bar and  we announce a winner quarterly for the best talent found during that period. The winner will get one of their original tracks recorded, mixed, mastered and released by us.


Merchandise - We will be focusing a lot more on band merch going forward, from vinyls and tapes to t-shirts. 

Podcasts and playlists - We search the world for new music and present it to you via our playlists and podcasts. Find your new favourite track here.


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