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Label Releases 2023

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Birrell or Biscuit -

Eggs and Onions
Released 19/09/23

Howdya like yer eggs in the morning?

Put this in your belly and it'll make your pumps smelly!!!

There is no genius without madness. Birrell or Biscuit, ladies and gentlemen.

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Birrell or Biscuit -

Music to Watch Lavalamps EP
Released 31/03/23

Birrell or Biscuit's debut 6 track EP release! This will comprise songs that have not been released yet from Craig's solo recording days, before the new full band line up move onto new material.

Check out the as always great and in depth review below from

The EP consists of 6 tracks of psych punk mayhem!

Title track ‘Music To Watch Lavalamps’ is the perfect opener, a proper jam in the mould of Oasis’s ‘Fuckin’ In The Bushes’


‘Double Decker Bus’ may well be the first time I’ve ever heard the store manager of Morrison’s introduce a song and then go on to narrate, over the top of a proper punk banger, about re-training as a s driver!

While ‘Boy Band’ is the antithesis of anything Five ever produced, with some hilarious subject matter lamenting the fact his Casio keyboard is in need of some new AA batteries!

‘Silly Billy’ is probably the catchiest track on the EP, it has the hooks, melodies, punk guitars and a false ending. 

Whereas ‘Hey You’ gives off some Happy Mondays vibes, it might well be my favourite track here, it stomps along with a swagger, every instrument used seems to get it’s space to shine.

Final track ‘Eye For An Eye’ is the most clear vocally with a catchy bassline and psychedelic guitars.

You might need a few listens to get your head round these songs, as ever with Birrell Or Biscuit, there’s a lot going on but with every listen you’ll find different parts, it’s like a psychedelic punk jigsaw, stick with it and you’ll be so satisfied when you solve the puzzle.

‘Music To Watch Lavalamps’ joins an impressive back catalogue since 2021’s ‘Top Of The Pops’ and there’s plenty more to come with the full band set-up.

Stay tuned for more material later in the year!

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