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What You Need to Know

Rehearsal Space

Rehearsal space with all the equipment you need. Full
back-line provided.


Price - £10 per hour (inc. one complimentary rehearsal recording, and £10 thereafter), and half price for under 18s and solo artists.

Music Videos

We offer both live recordings and bespoke music videos, whether an off the cuff capturing of the moment or a fully briefed, professionally produced piece. 

Price - Available on request

Professionally Mastered

We will record your music in our custom built recording booth, then professionally mix and master it. We also offer one complimentary recording of a practice for you to hear back.

Price - £200 per track for full band recordings, mixed and mastered. £50 for accoustic solo artists.
For prices on recording full EP or LP, please enquire.

Special Events

For our e-subscribers and signed artists there will be secret events available through our app. These are by invitation only - sign up to our mailing list to be granted your exclusive access.

Price - TBA


Marketing & PR

We will promote your music through our industry expertise; through our catalogue of music industry contacts and through relevant local PR musical partnerships. We'll create your press packs to include photoshoots and artwork.

Price - From £150 per song

Signed Artists

We are signing bands we know have the potential to go far. Each contract is tailored to the individual artist, including agreement around any financial support, rehearsal space, recordings, production and marketing and PR.

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