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Let Me Introduce You...

Less than 12 weeks ago I’d never heard of Whanga Records, I wasn’t yet involved in the most exciting marketing job I’ve ever had, and I had no idea what Birrell or Biscuit even meant. Fast forward to the present day and it’s all become clear…

In a time, now, when spirit, community, livelihood and freedom - I think is more than fair to say - feel as though they’re being slowly choked out of even the brightest optimists around us, I feel I’ve witnessed something quite compelling.

What started with some forgotten lyrics, scrawled on a scrap piece of notebook paper, has quickly evolved into a powerful story of determination, will, teamwork, focus and sheer drive. Something all the more applaudable when you take a second to look at the mounting barriers which could have stopped it in its tracks. Think idea, then vision, need, then pure want. A premises change, question of friendships, a real shake to loyalty, and then a mix of the worst circumstances possibly imaginable. Despite all this – or because of all this – Whanga Records has been created and driven from the ashes, or roots, upwards.

The devastating effect of a tragic end of unconditional friendship, combined with a “childish” belief of world domination, has finally found its place.

Here we are, and now what do we have? The unlikely dream team of talent, raw courage and purpose, all equating to everything you need to succeed (in my humble opinion, of course).

Artists established, those scarcely even starting out, and people who are yet to realise their own power and vision, already have shown unity, confidence and conviction.

I’ve learned, very quickly, what is easily achievable. Push barriers; work for the right reasons and strive for what you truly believe in. it’s anything but a new formula, but with the right team (committee, co-founders, true friends, brand new gang of thieves), the sky is the limit. To conclude the story of the beginning, watch this space and be open to what is coming. Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, England and beyond, it’s already started. Read this and get in touch. Are you a person who discounts yourself as a musician because you think you’ve never had the “correct” training, people say you don’t know your craft, there’s better out there, or maybe you’ve been told “it’s not for you”? Come see us.

I promise you (bold, I know), it’s the first step forward and you will meet at least one from the team who identifies with what you’re going through. More to come right here on Whanga Records, but for now – let us know you’re out there. We’ll be here.


Co-founder – Craig Birrell – AKA Birrell or Biscuit (YouTube if truuuly required)

Co-founder – Stuart Barrett – ¼ Chubz original and new music scouter extraordinaire

Marketing – Mariam Amhaz – Here to make sure you shine

Stage Hand – Mark Condie – All round set up, advice and banter king

A & R – John Simpson – Get his attention and you're in

T | 07985 612 714 E |


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