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Podcasts 2022

Back for season 2 in 2022! As of May 2022, instead of doing an Epidose 3, we decided that going forward we would do the regular bi-monthly music podcast as two playlists; a New Music Playlist and a Time Machine Playlist. The podcast will return for special episodes and an end of year round up.


New music from Cemento, Birrell or Biscuit and Placebo. Some Scottish Traditional music from Manran, some West Indies traditional music from Erick Cosaque. Plus much more great music from the likes of Singapore Sling and The Black Angels.

hello cosmos.jpg

We introduce you to your new favourite track! Covering new releases from Nov 1st 2021 to Feb 1st 2022. Section 1 - New music - including Fontaines DC and Hello Cosmos. Section 2 - Time Capsule - including Frank Zappa and The Specials.


The podcast returns to round up the 15 best new tracks of 2022!! Who is your number 1!?

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